Centre Sida Secours

A short-term shelter where people can take control of their own health

At a glance

Centre Sida Secours is a short-term shelter that opened in September 2000. Its main mission is to help people living with HIV/AIDS access care and services. These are people who face many challenges and whose quality of life has declined drastically because of the illness.


The longest they can stay is three months, although the average stay is a couple of weeks. While they are with us they can stabilize their health, get medical follow-ups and checkups and, ideally, start antiretroviral therapy.

Contact information

3702 Ste-Famille
Montreal QC  H2X 2L4
Telephone: 514-842-4439
Fax: 514-842-2284
email: sidasecours@hotmail.com


  • Short stays

  • Health stabilization

  • Medical checkups and follow-ups

  • Help with medication

Length of stay

Short stays (less than 90 days)

As things stand, I will have to live with some handicaps for the rest of my life, but I believe in myself. I roll up my sleeves every day and try to live a more gracious life.

– Jean

Our approach

We recognize people in a holistic way, looking at all aspects of their health. The partnerships we build focus on each resident’s specific and current needs in an environment of respect.

What we want to do is improve their general health and get them to take their medications regularly. We provide both medical and psychosocial follow-ups in a calm setting where they can rest and eat properly. 

We allow residents to consume alcohol and drugs in the Centre, provided it does not prevent them looking after their health, they respect the Life Code, and invest in their own health planning. We provide a safe setting and sterile consumables. 

The Life Code

The Centre Sida Secours Life Code

How to apply

3 prerequisites:

  • You must be living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C (short-term treatment).

  • You must be in a precarious health situation.

  • You must have no other shelter alternative.


By phone: The application is made by a public network or community service worker in your presence, or by you yourself.

In person: You can also go straight to the Centre to meet a case worker. He or she will fill out the application form with you.

Proof of HIV status or further medical information may be requested to complete the application.


The team will do a quick consultation so as to give you an answer in a few hours.

How to find accommodation in this centre